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Swim Season 2021

Interested in coming out for the swim team for 2018-19? Here are a few things to ask yourself if you are serious about joining the team:

  • Can I commit to 2 hours of swimming/practice per day? Practices last up to 2 hours and swimmers are REQUIRED to come to practices. Additionally, more practicing means more success and improvement throughout the season
  • Am I willing to put in more effort with my school work and possibly go to additional office hours to make up my missing work? Swimmers will be attending weekly meets (half of the meets are off campus). Because of this students will be leaving class early and need to make up their missing work. If you can stay on top of your school work, that will be helpful for the season.
  • Can I be a part of a team and show my friends what it means to be a Woodside athelete? Woodside atheletics are exciting and a fun way to become involved in your school! Being a part of the team means showing respect for yourself, your school, your teammates and the sport.

If you answered YES to these questions the come out for swim team! If you have any questions please contact us. Looking forward to seeing you around the pool!


All positions can be trained and can be shared. In fact we encourage sharing jobs.

Scoring Table:

Help keep track of what place swimmers finish and then keep track of the scores


Says the events and starts each race. Script of what to say can be provided.

Head Timer:

Organizes all the timers, makes sure they know what to do and fills in for lanes when need.


Runs the computers during the meets. Make sure swimmers are uploaded from Swimtopia to Hytek for the meet manager.

Food Organizer:

Organizes snacks for swim meets

Potluck Lead:

Helps to plan and facilitate our potlucks. We have one in the beginning and one at the end.


Some kids like to get sweatshirts, so helps to facilitate a team sweatshirt, design, pricing and organizis the ordering.

Team Parent:

Helps with everything and is usually the communication point between parents and coaches.


Note we encrouage all families to take pictures and then hopefully we can find one or two parents that you can send your pictures to and they create a slideshow with them to share. Possibly post them to swimtopia to have all in one place if possible


Similar to slideshow but with videos instead of pictures. 

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